HPI Tork Brushless Motor

Technische Daten des HPI Tork 2200 KV Brushless Motor:

  • Max Eingangsspannung: 25.2
  • Amp Rating*: 120
  • Gewicht: 424g (15 oz)
  • Motor Durchmesser: 39.98mm
  • 41.78mm mit Lamellen
  • Motor Länge: 75.18mm
  • Antriebswelle: 5mm
  • Lager: Oversize ABEC-1 vorn und hinten
  • Anschluss: 6.5mm

The Flux Tork 2200Kv Brushless Motor is the stock motor that comes in the Savage Flux HP truck. This massively powerful brushless motor features extra large heat sinks to keep it cool, giant silicone wires to transfer the power, bullet connectors for easy installation, and a highly efficient (85+%!) design that makes enough power to do standing back flips. This motor will bolt right in to the Savage Flux HP, and it can also be used in a variety of other brushless applications.